the lord’s prayer (a paraphrase)

we come to you, who gave us life,
you who live in majesty in the unseen dimension.

in all that happens, may your reputation be honored.

we come to ask that you would rule among us
so that the good things you desire
will happen in and through us here and now
in the same way they happen in your realm.

we come because we need you each day
to provide even the most basic things we need.

we come because we need you to release us
from the debts we’ve incurred,
from the offenses we’ve committed.
and we need you to give us the capacity
to do the same for others in our lives.

we come because we need you to safeguard us
in the hard trials that are coming in this life.
we need you to rescue us from the enemy
who wants to diminish and destroy us.

we come because
you are the rightful ruler
and you have the power and greatness
to hear and intervene for us —
today and all days to come.

may it be so.

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