she follows humans dailythrough the wildslike a hunter detecting tracksscrutinizing scatdiscovering debrisand bent-down broken bits of bedding —life’s little leavings apart from the occasional greetingshe doesn’t see themdoesn’t speak their languagedoesn’t understand the lifeof dining, drinking, debauching —deep pocketsemptied on the floorfor her to sweep up she goes homeand feeds her kidswhen they go toContinue reading “housekeeping”

survive the wild night

survive the wild night.stomach churning, tossingturningwildimagination burning throughscenarios so disconcertingsuicide plunges, dropping,homicide rages, choppingred flag warning, riptide crashing, sucking flailingweak, exhausted, chokingcoughingcovers kicking, pillowsmashingmanicbashing, desperate escapingrunning, flailingdown a darkwild country waysideall isfadingfadinginto deep unconscious blackness. in bright mornawaken andpeople passas though nothingat allhappened

the fear returns

i haven’t felt it for awhileof course, in your head youknow it’s always therebut you can’t live like thatwaiting for it, dreading itbut you never know how orwhen it will come sometimes it pounces like a stealthythief hiding in a doorway in the hallleaping from the shadowsyou’re body-slammedwriggling, spitting, cursinga jumbled ball of panicked adrenalinandContinue reading “the fear returns”

election day

equally created peopleall across the landpursuing life, liberty, laughtershow upthat’s how it’s supposed to workneighbor beside neighborhelping each other tokeep the whole thing goingtrusting each other andeven when we don’trespecting the differenceswilling to put up with a few yearswhen my side doesn’t always get its way i’m still an american andso are youlet’s go haveContinue reading “election day”

from the hills down south

today i met an older lady with a dazzling smileand lively, mischievous eyesshe was having a good day, not hearing so wellbut otherwise pleasant and enjoying our talkshe grew up in the hills down southwhere french names are pronounced as spelled(as with the “x” on st. croix)and where her family is buried in a churchContinue reading “from the hills down south”

thanksgiving in a time of covid

In Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter, Moomintroll accidentally wakes from hibernation too early. Accustomed to sleeping through winter, he is shocked to find the world shrouded in snow, his garden entirely unfamiliar. “All the world has died while I slept,” he thinks. “It isn’t made for Moomins.” Feeling terribly lonely, he goes to the bedroom andContinue reading “thanksgiving in a time of covid”

apocalypse now?

we live these dayswith swabs up our nosesmasks covering our facesalcohol dripping from handsthat hesitate to shake other handswe measure our distancingwe balk at embracingwe’re worried about breathingfor god’s sake and everyone’s an expertbut nobody knowswhat the hell is happeningor why or whenwhatever we think “normal” iswill someday reappearall i can say is thatevery morningContinue reading “apocalypse now?”