in long and deep midwinter
dreams of spring arise
of fulsome brooks and fragile buds
of warmer winds and skies
that, moaning, pour the anguished tears
of childbirth on the land
and ‘midst the muddy, messy muck
transform the slender strands
weaving a carpet ‘neath the trees
which don their own green gowns
and fill the space below the blue
like dancers all around
who hear the call of lively song
— they bend, they reach, they sway —
and welcome all the newborn life
now coming out to play.

a wish-dream only!
cold and lonely
here i pass the day

in frozen climes

i’ll wrangle rhymes

‘til winter pass away.

One thought on “midwinter

  1. The deep winter is in my soul as I look at the deep divisions within the world’s strife.
    The US elections resonate through out the entire planet.
    Tomorrow may be just too far for us to imagine.
    Who calls the tune?
    Not us nor maybe God.
    He who rules the World may just have his created match.
    May our Saviour rescue us yet again.
    Tomorrow may tell us of a positive future.


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